Book Club


Dear potential new members,

If you are a keen reader, we would like to invite you to join the LLC Book Club, which takes place on the 3rd Thursday of every month, usually at Pam’s house in Reans, at 2.30.

Everyone gets a chance to select a number of books and we choose one from their selection to read. This seems the most democratic way and we end up with some fascinating books to discuss – some of which you wouldn’t have necessarily chosen to read yourself, so it broadens our knowledge of books and authors. I have also introduced a theme month when a theme is chosen and you choose a book to read which relates, however loosely, to that theme. We’ve had some great themes like Queens, Plants and Gardening, and Food. Apart from all that, it’s a good group of people who enjoy a lively discussion. We swap and recommend books and enjoy tea and cake! The person who is responsible for the book choice gets to make a cake for that particular meeting.

The warmth of Sicily and richness of the writing of The Leopard, our April book, seemed to sing to everyone’s hearts and will number among people’s top 10 books. Everyone talked about the book with enthusiasm and such appreciation of the novel. I am, among several, feel really blessed to have finally read it.

  • So, on to our May book: The Dry by Jane Harper. The meeting is on Thursday 18th May, 2.30 at Pam’s.
  • June 15th, the theme is Marriage. Choose any book, however closely related to the subject of marriage.
  • July 20th Cross Channel by Julian Barnes has been chosen. These are short stories so read as many or as few as you wish, to discuss.
  • August 17th will be our annual Garden Party with lots of bubbles and books to swap and talk about.

If you would like to know more, please contact me by filling in the form below:

Hope to see you soon