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2018 saw the introduction of our newest activity – Walking.  Unfortunately, due to such a wet start to the year, we weren’t able to actually start walking until July which was most unusual for the Gers!

We aim to meet up, walk and talk at least once a month and sometimes with a picnic afterwards.  Everyone is welcome including partners and dogs.  We also try to re-walk the previous month’s walk for those that were unable to make the original date.

For our first walk, we set off on Friday 13th July for Ju Belloc.  This was an easy circular walk (about 8 kms) and took no more than 2.5 hours to complete.

The walk started at the ‘Maison de l’Eau’ in Ju Belloc and continued through a pretty Nature Reserve that used to be a donkey sanctuary.  We were disappointed to see that the donkeys were no longer there but we did see some on our walk in the fields!  The Reserve is very well organised with good footpaths/tracks to follow.  We then skirted along the River Adour and lake following the Greenwich Meridian Line and turned off towards Belloc. We then travelled back northwards parallel to the D173 on footpaths towards our starting point. We passed by some pretty flora and fauna as we walked through ancient woodlands and saw the ancient ‘lavoir’ and mill near Ju Belloc.

For our second LLC walk on Friday 10th August, we walked an easy (7kms) circular walk around Sabazan near Aignan. Sabazan is a pretty little village with its half moat which dominates the valley of the Midour. On our walk, we saw excellent views of the valley and the Pyrenees.  We passed by the lovely old 15th century church of St John the Baptist (some of the inside is classified 13th century) and also some of the vineyards of St Mont.  Wine tasting is available at the Chateau and winery. We also passed close by to the Palmeraie de Sarthou.







We were a small group and the weather was excellent for walking – not too hot nor cold.  We greatly enjoyed our walk with fantastic views and good company.





For our third walk which took place on Friday 7th September, we walked a slightly more challenging easy circular walk of 10 kms from Blaziert.  Blaziert is a very pretty hill-top village located between Condom and Lectoure and has a ‘4 Fleuri’ rating.  It is also on the meridian line and has a unique ‘cadran solaire’ with its very large sundial.  We passed through ancient woodlands, lakes, vineyards and beneath the Chateau de Mons with its fine history.  A very picturesque and varied walk.














The fourth LLC walk took place on Friday 5th October and started at the ancient and interesting Flaran Abbey near Valence-sur-Baise.  It was slightly longer at nearly 12 kms but a moderately easy circular walk.  We followed tracks through ancient woodlands and visited the well-kept ancient Graziac lock on the River Baise.  We then continued onto the small village of Herret (village fleuri) with its aerodrome.  Along the ridge there are fabulous views of the Gers countryside.  We then continued to head back towards Valence and the Abbaye de Flaran passing through the hamlet of Canonge with far reaching views of Valence, the Abbey, various chateaux and chapels.


Flaran Abbey



For our next LLC walk in November, we are doing TWO walks – one in the morning starting at 10.30 am which is an easy circular walk of about 5 kms and the other is a longer walk starting at 14.00 – a moderate circular walk of about 11.5 kms.  Walkers are invited to do one or both if they are feeling fit enough!



Bazian is an interesting medieval village situated on the D174 (just off the D34 Vic Fezensac/Montesquiou road.  Both walks off fantastic panoramic views across the Valleys of the Guirou and l’Auzone.  The shorter walk passes old ruins including ancient mills and gives a flavour for the longer walk.

The longer walk passes through ancient forests, a peppered landscape with an abundance of ancient windmills and ruins with jaw-dropping panoramic views along the ridge before returning on the old ancient road back into Bazian village.  The conical ancient mills had sails that could turn and change direction depending on the winds – like a tree – and were a sign of wealth for the area during that epoch.



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